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RF Engineering

Building a wireless network that operates at optimal performance levels begins and ends with some form of RF Engineering.

Our services include System design, Implementation, Optimization, Special projects and Special services.

Today's wireless subscribers demand a comprehensive coverage footprint, high reliability and high quality of service from wireless carriers. This level of service is predicated on an optimal RF design. In turn, wireless carriers set business goals when designing, building and launching an RF system, which are directly affected by an effecient deployment of the network. SKT Solutions understands and appreciates both the wireless subscriber and carrier goals when developing a wireless network. To this end, SKT provides the highest standards of design quality and engineering to meet these goals.

Our Services include:

  • Micro/Macro system design, frequency planning, link budget analysis, traffic/demographic analysis and grid plans.
  • System implementation: define and issue search areas, identify and test sites, develop antenna designs, intermodulation analysis, site turn-up analysis, develop site software parameters and provide expert testimony.
  • Optimization and quality assurance: System quality analysis, statistical review, parameter optimization, control system interference and troubleshooting.
  • Special Projects: Events, tunnel and disaster recovery coverage, microwave backhaul, competitive analysis and training.
  • Telecommunications invoice analysis and billing auditing.
  • Complete network interconnect analysis and design review.
  • Identify cost saving opportunities and improve network survivability.
  • Vendor analysis and SLA negotiations to achieve maximum cost benefits and design review.
  • Drive Testing.
  • Line of Site Surveys
  • Site Audits