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Site Acquisition

Our team of professional and reliable Site Acquisition/Zoning specialists can handle all of your Site Acquisition requirements from researching zoning ordinances, filing applications, complex lease negotiations and issuance of applicable permits.

Our services include:

  • Pre-Deployment/Pre-Qualification
  • Site Identification
  • Constructability review
  • Lease negotiations/amendments/acquisition
  • Environmental studies
  • Expert Testimony
  • Photo simulations
  • FAA filings
  • Site Audits
  • Zoning/Permitting Administration
  • AutoCad Drawings
  • Site Modifications
  • Right-of-Way Research

Site Identification
Site candidate ranking packages; Multiple site visit scheduling; I.D. best site for diffucult search area/ring.

Lease Acquisition
Order & deliver title search; Coordinate legal review; Order Environmental studies as required; Prepare license exhibits; Submit timely progress reports; Prepare file close-out packages.

Zoning Administration
Preliminary Investigations; Physical site I.D.; Detailed zoning analysis; Prepare permit applications; Coordinate Phase I & II environmental assessments; Coordinate site plan drawings; Provide expert testimony; Photo simulations; FAA filings; Submit timely progress reports; Prepare zoning close-out packages.

Existing Lease Amendment/Lease Modifications
Negotiating the terms of an existing lease and modifying/amending them in order to fit an upgrade or modification project.

The essence of SKT Solutions site acquisition team is having the requisite professional knowledge, training and good supervision. SKT site acquisition representatives have a clear understanding of the scope and geographical area of the projects they work on. Important details such as customer required forms and procedures are carefully followed. We work quickly to fulfill the needs of our customers for valuable sites while respecting the economic factors of lease limits and acquisition costs. These capabilities blended with our experience and quality reputation in the wireless site acquisition business affords us the unique position to better serve our customers. Our professional and reliable site acquisition services provides our customers with a rapid and seamless progression from designated search areas to a signed lease.